“Forever committed to air”Broadly contributing to society with our compressor technology

An exclusive manufacturer of air/gas compressors and cleaning machineries, TANABE Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been meeting demand in diverse industrial sectors for over 90 years. Based on our marine compressor technology, which forms our core business, we have continued to offer our advanced technological capabilities and spirit of innovation in the areas of development, design, and manufacturing in a wide range of fields under the slogan of “From the deep sea to the land, and into space.”

We provide services to our customers, employees, and society through our products, working together as a group to create an environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) society.



Delivering our products to cities, the world, and the universe in TANABE’s one-off style

Compressors are “made-to-order”.
We deliver products to our customers with a one-off, fine-tuned service, from the management
of the manufacturing process to the installation of the final product, test runs, and after-maintenance care.
TANABE brand products that have been manufactured in this way play an active role in our cities and around the world.

Active role of TANABE products in our cities

We offer air/gas compressors for various applications on land that reflect the technologies developed in manufacturing our marine compressors. We produce a wide range of products for moulding plastic PET bottles for drinking water and cosmetic containers, laser beam machine nitrogen boosters, filling air cylinders for firefighters and divers, descaling in assembly lines at steelworks, and for factory equipment use. We also manufacture and sell industrial cleaners made for cleaning metal parts and plastic containers.



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