Technology, passion, and ingenuity combine to offer impressive services for our customers.

Our technology and passion are never-ending. We want to contribute to society through our technology, being sure to remember the basis of manufacturing. The great masters of the TANABE Group are proud of their work. We are refining our technical capabilities to flexibly respond to new systems and the needs of the times, as we value their continuous efforts every day. We will continue to pursue services that will impress our customers using the skills and technological capabilities of our great masters.

lite, world-class employees of the TANABE Group / Expanding the possibilities of new services through their personalities, technology and passion.

  • Tokyo (Eastern Japan area)Tokyo Parts Sales Group Parts Sales Department Akiko Kasuya
  • Tokyo (Eastern Japan area) Chief Manager Maintenance Service Department Ken Iwata
  • Nagoya (Central Japan area) Team Leader Maintenance Service Department Takahiro Sugiyama
  • Osaka (Western Japan area) Team Leader Maintenance Service Department Toshihiro Iwasa

Offering the best responses to enquiries from around the globe, conscious of the responsibility for the TANABE brand that is trusted around the world.

I am responsible for overseas sales in the Parts Sales Department. Specifically, I mainly handle responses to requests for estimates and technical support for orders from overseas customers, as well as responses to email enquiries.

TANABE brand products are used all over the world, not only in Asia, but also in Europe, the United States, and Africa, so we always strive to provide the best responses to the diverse enquiries from our customers in different countries. Machinery can be complicated, so there are times when it is hard to get a grasp of the situation when a customer is requesting maintenance. Even during those times, it is necessary to provide careful and prompt guidance about the correct parts. Since there are hundreds of enquiries per month, there are times when work is hard, but we continue to keep in mind that we are part of the TANABE brand that is trusted the world over.

In our vision for the future, we hope to further improve services while expanding our support framework for enquiries from overseas representatives.



Powerful, behind-the-scenes role responsible for maintaining TANABE compressors

Our service personnel for TANABE Compressor are mainly responsible for the maintenance and repair of TANABE Pneumatic Machinery products that are used by our customers. I am involved in maintenance service and responsible for maintenance services nationwide as a chief manager.
At each site, we strive to provide information on early maintenance on a uniform level as we keep in touch with customers. With each staff member conscious of his or her role as a maintenance service professional, we work with the understanding of not only offering repairs when something happens, but also providing early and careful maintenance in line with the customer’s perspective. Some machine parts used in products, such as valves, pistons, and cylinders, are very fine and delicate. As we carefully explain about the disadvantages of using products other than genuine parts, we also perform thorough, high-quality maintenance work. I myself enjoy fiddling around with machines on site, and I find my job rewarding when a customer thanks us when a machine starts working after we provide support services for a difficult repair.
As a group from now and into the future, we will continue to strive to provide services from the customer’s perspective, while playing the powerful, behind-the-scenes role.



Striving to become service staff embodying company’s spirit with pride and passion in our work.

Sugiyama: We are engaged in maintenance services at offices in Nagoya and Osaka, respectively. While I feel a sense of accomplishment in maintenance and repair work, there are many difficult points as well. For example, if a TANABE product stops working at a customer’s site, their production lines are directly affected.

Although repairs take time, there are occasions when we are asked to respond right on the spot. Repair work may need to be carried out for eight hours into the middle of the night, such as in the case of a problem occurring on a ship. Our works directly affect the work and image of the company, so we work at full force to ensure that our customers can conduct their business smoothly.

Iwasa: TANABE’s products are used throughout the world, so orders for maintenance and repairs, as well as those sites also differ. Sometimes, we may work in distant places, such as on one of Okinawa’s islands or overseas, but we take pride in the fact that we are responsible for the maintenance of the entire group as service staff for TANABE Compressor, at any customer’s site.

I am proud to have a broad knowledge of our products, as well as a high level of awareness for service. In addition to maintenance work, the work that I do in repairs is worthwhile, and I continue to support TANABE products that play an active role in various sites around the world, as well as nationwide, through maintenance.



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