For lasting use of important compressors

We love the compressors that we deliver to our customers. We offer after-maintenance care to our customers for their all-important compressors with the technical capabilities and speed directly transmitted from the manufacturer (TANABE Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd.). For compressors that have been delivered to countries all over the world, we have established a system that allows us to arrive anytime, anywhere as soon as possible.
We work with whole-hearted devotion, thinking about the “services that will impress our customers”, so as to accurately capture our customers’ requests and needs that we receive from our service activities and service representatives and to reflect them in product development and daily maintenance services.

Customer satisfaction from three perspectives -3R activities of TANABE Compressor-



If problem occurs, TANABE Compressor’s service car will promptly visit the customer’s site to inspect and repair parts.

The service staff at each office (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka) exchange information at monthly service meetings and constantly strive to acquire information on the latest technologies and improve their skills to be able to provide uniform service to customers nationwide.


We provide peace of mind to our customers through optimal maintenance services developed by our high-level service staff based on customer records and checklists, such as maintenance and repair reports and repair work reports.

All service and repair parts use genuine TANABE Pneumatic Machinery parts, which have met the highest inspection standards.


In addition to speedy responses to enquiries and requests, we endeavour to provide accurate and prompt support by creating records on delivered machines for each of our customers and developing and managing databases.


Leave it up to us to conduct periodic inspections of all your compressor

Daily inspections must be carried out diligently on compressors that have been purchased in order for them to be used safely and comfortably. Periodic inspections can also significantly extend the lifespan of compressors. Please leave it up to the professionals to conduct periodic inspections and regular open inspections as required by law.

Daily inspections are the deciding factors in preventing faults. Be sure to check your equipment every day.

  • Inspection 1Is there enough oil? Use an oil gauge to check.
  • Inspection 2How is the machine? Use instruments to check.
    (Pressure, oil pressure, water pressure, current, alarm lamps, other)
  • Inspection 3Are there any leakages of oil or coolant on the floor of the machine or around the machine?
  • Inspection 4Is the machine making any sounds that are different than usual?
    (Air leakage, machine operation sounds)
  • Inspection 5Is it time for regular maintenance? Check the operation hour meter.


Please feel free to contact us for information about the sales and after-care support for our genuine parts.

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