Our commitment to TANABE genuine products inscribed with a special logo mark

Packaging that includes a logo mark for genuine parts is proof that it is a genuine TANABE product. The logo mark that indicates a genuine TANABE product is included only on parts that have passed through product design, manufacturing, and testing that have met strict regulations and standards in Japan and overseas. Genuine products that have passed through this rigorous inspection process are vacuum packed at our Logistics Centre and are delivered to our customers through a speedy process from packaging to shipment.
The logo mark for our genuine products is a sign of security, reliability, and accuracy. We carry out quality and parts management as we believe that the supply of “genuine TANABE parts” is key to our customer’s safety and security.

Two fundamental design concepts for Tanabe compressors are: reliability and durability. It is not unusual for the company to receive enquiries for machines built more than 20 years ago. Consequently modifications (sometimes very slight) are introduced over time to improve performance or when a specific component is no longer available. Each enquiry to TCCL is investigated to ensure our recommendations are fully compatible with your specific machine, thus ensuring continued reliability and longevity.

The “JSMEA Genuine Product Label” is used to recommend the use of genuine products to users specified by the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association and to help users differentiate between genuine and counterfeit products. Ship parts produced by TANABE Pneumatic Machinery are certified as regulation genuine parts and display this label.

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Our technically-skilled staff can offer various proposals and support to our customers to allow them to use our products safely and securely for many years, based on a customer database that is connected by a nationwide network.


We supply genuine parts that have passed product design, manufacturing, and inspections that have met strict regulations and standards in Japan and overseas to ensure customer safety and security.

All genuine parts are packaged and shipped so that they can be identified as genuine parts at a glance, using special packaging that includes a security logo.


We have created a database of detailed information on our customers (model numbers, serial numbers, slip numbers, ship names, ship numbers, operating times, etc.) to ensure a speedy response.

We can respond quickly within 24 hours for enquiries on our main basic models and within 72 hours for special parts.

We have developed an information management system to ship parts quickly and accurately every day. Major models for vessels are ready to ship within 48 hours.


Beware of counterfeit products. The use of counterfeit products is the root cause of serious accidents.

  • We have ascertained that products that are counterfeits of genuine TANABE brand parts are in circulation around the world. The materials used in these counterfeit products are inferior and dimension accuracy is poor, and they meet none of TANABE’s criteria for quality.
  • When counterfeit or similar products are used, there have been numerous reports of a marked decrease in performance and durability in the short term, as well as damage to machinery and fires.
  • The use of counterfeit or similar products can lead to adverse effects on customers, so you are encouraged to be careful when purchasing products.
  • Please note that TANABE Compressor is not responsible for any accidents or breakdowns that occur due to the use of counterfeit or similar products.
  • Avoid purchasing or using counterfeited products.
  • All genuine parts are shipped in special packaging that includes a security logo. Please use this as criteria to distinguish actual TANABE products from counterfeited or similar products, as the logo and special packaging offers a way to identify the part at a glance as genuine.
  • All genuine parts for vessels are packaged and shipped with the “JSMEA Genuine Parts Label” that is issued by the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association together with packaging that includes a security logo.

Please feel free to contact us for information about the sales and after-care support for our genuine parts.

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